Becoming YEH | EP3: Find Yourself

The inseparate now, you are connected to it and it to you. When the darkness comes rest ensues and the brightness brings the reverent dew. A magical equation in the wonderful physics of life. What time is it on the Sun? The simple answer is there IS no time on the Sun, no time here[…]


Becoming YEH | EP2: Be Cool

An experience of your life is rooted in the seed of your existence. The essence of who your are is elaborate and divine. The truth about humanity is we are consciousness living in human form, you are not human, your human body is avatar – the vehicle for your existence, the dwelling place for your[…]


Becoming YEH | EP1: Be You

Be You begins the documentary of my journey becoming who I am: YEH. We are all on the path of original discovery and we wrestle with truths of our beginnings, our origins, our existence and our human mortality. Spoiler alert: It’s never over just new beginnings.