In the beginning your were something before you knew your name, find your inner self and discover the world around you.

Becoming YEH – by Yehiam

You’re looking for a mirror to see yourself. Do you recognize who you are? The moments are wrapped up in an ideology which attempts to organize the experiences and beliefs described as “reality’ when in fact it is the illusion played out in the interpretation of your fragile perceptions which can be loosely summed up as individual fantasy.

The truth is: You are perfect, divine in the construct of the “now” and equipped with every upgrade you need to transform through every stage of your existence without a past or a future.

We are here to make mistakes. Not one of us has an accurate count of their mistakes, why is that? Because you are perfect, divine from birth and divine now. Completely whole, perfect in nature, you need nothing but to understand who you were before you knew your name.

Look closely at the fabric of your ideas and thoughts…what are they based on? Are you connecting multiple experiential streams through several layers of consciousness to create your mood, harness desires, categorize your feelings and carry out your motives? Consider your primary motivation: safety, fear, survival, lack or ego? It is what it is.

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